Family seeks answers after shooting death of Redwood City teen

Armando Carranza


Teens were riding in a car.


3 thoughts on “Family seeks answers after shooting death of Redwood City teen

  1. Family Member

    I dont know who you are, but can you not use this for whatever you’re doing? For one, this blog is called “Accidental” and this wasn’t. You don’t know the details, yet you’re using a loved one of mine for your “campaign” or whatever. This wasn’t an issue of guns, but of screwed up people murdering someone however they could. This isn’t some “See guns blah blah” story. That’s not the only thing used in this murder. Where’s the “__s kill” for them? You didn’t even know & most “news” sources are giving off info too. People kill, just like an ignorant & careless person as yourself did this. You didn’t even care to ask the family for permission to use this picture or to use our loved one for your blog. I understand you think what you’re doing is right or that your opinion means you know everything, but you don’t and it just seems selfish . You saw what you assumed was an opportunity and took it, even if it spread false info & lacked permission. You didn’t even use a gun and this hurts to know people do this.

  2. Family Member

    People’s families are not just numbers for you to tack up as you feel and go, “Look another one! Perfect for my blog! As I was saying with my point….”. ASK, THINK, do something other than just jump to it.

    1. Poster Post author

      I’m sorry for your loss.

      As you can see, I’m not doing this for any sort of gain. My methodology is posted on the “about” page. I’m not excited about any of these deaths, as you implied in your other message.

      I suggest that you should be attacking the news media that cover these deaths. They actually make money off of them.

      In Europe, there’s a legal “right to be forgotten” whereby people can have facts removed from the public record, including from the internet. Here in the US, that right does not exist.

      It’s unclear to me what upsets you about this fact that’s on the public record being included on this blog. It seems that perhaps you think the blog is meant as an anti-gun statement. If so, I’m afraid that it is you who is being ignorant and careless, and I would recommend to you that you refrain from throwing such insulting words around. Especially to people from whom you are asking favors.


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